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1 page = 250 words max

Click here to read more about our delivery timelines.

On average, most of our translations are delivered within 48 hours for up to 8 pages / 2,000 words. We add 1 extra day for every additional 8 pages / 2,000 words.

You can also pay more to have your order delivered up to 50% faster (from 24 hours) or 75% faster (from 12 hours). However, this option is limited over the weekends due to translator availability.

Please note that we do not deliver on Sundays.

Click here to read more about our review options.

Your translation will be completed by a professional, native speaker in your target language. This is then sent to you to review & approve.

With Professional Reviews, we assign a second professional Linguist to review and edit the original translation, ensuring it is 100% correct and accurate before you receive it.

Professional Reviews are ideal if you do not speak the language, or would prefer a second look at the translation. This may however increase the delivery timelines

Reference number used by business customers when placing order. Will appear on invoice.

Click here to read more about our certification options.

Standard Certified Translation: Your translation is completed on our letterhead, and accompanied by a Statement of Accuracy, our stamp, signature and contact details. This is the most popular option for all certified translations.

Statement of Truth: Your translation includes a statement from the translator confirming the translation accuracy, their qualifications and experience. This is required for UK Court Proceedings, particularly for Court Divorce.

Sworn Translator: This option is only available for specific countries. A sworn translator, registered within the intended country of use, completes your translation, and appends their signature, stamp & contact details. This makes the translation acceptable within that country.

Notarisation: A Notary Public appends their signature & stamp to our Company Certification. May be required by UK Courts, Embassies or Foreign Institutions.

Apostille / Legalisation: The translation is legalised, making it acceptable in all countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

Click here to read more about our transcription options.

Verbatim Transcription: Verbatim transcripts provide helpful context that a standard transcript does not offer. It includes every word and sound uttered in the audio file, including filler words (um, ah), nonverbal communication, and false starts.

Timestamping: Timestamps are provided by the transcriber to track the progression of the audio at regular intervals. As standard, we provide timestamps every 30 seconds and on speaker change.


We can help you obtain an apostille on the translated document. Apostilles on original documents are currently only possible for documents issued in the UK. Quote includes admin fees.
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The number of documents cannot be higher than the number of pages. Please check your page count.
Click here to read more about document certification.

The cost of notarising or legalising a translation is based on the number of unique documents within your order.

For example, a birth certificate with 2 pages is 1 document, while a birth & marriage certificate on the same order are 2 separate documents.

Please specify the number of unique documents you have uploaded, so we can provide an accurate quote.


Click here to read more about our shipping options.

By default, we send you a PDF of your translation. This is electronically signed and stamped, and acceptable as-is. You will require postage for Sworn, Notarised or Apostille translations as we need to post the original documents to you. Postage is recommended, but not required, for Company Certified translations.

Standard Postage: We use standard "first-class" postage to have the document sent to you. This may take between 1 - 5 working days within the EU and does not include tracking.

Priority Mail: We use priority / special delivery options to have the document sent to you. This may take 1 - 3 working days and can be tracked.

Worldwide (DHL): Recommended if documents are to be sent outside the EU (or from a non-EU resident translator). DHL or its equivalent is used to send the document. Tracking details will be shared.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files are acceptable?

You may send us a Microsoft Word (doc or docx), PDF (scanned or editable) or Picture (JPG or PNG) file. All text, signature and stamps within the document should be clearly visible. You may upload one or more files when you order.

How are translations certified?

For certified translations into English, we produce the translation on company letterhead, with a certification cover page, attesting that it is a true and accurate translation of the original. This includes our stamp, signature and contact details.

Will your certified translation be accepted?

Within the UK, and as members of the Association of Translation Companies, our certified translations are accepted by the Home Office, Passport Office, UK Visas, USCIS and Universities. We also provide Sworn, Notarised and Legalised translations that meet the requirements of embassies and foreign authorities.

When will I receive my translation?

The standard turnaround time for certified translations is 48 hours. If you require it sooner, select the Urgent or Same Day option when ordering, and we will aim deliver within 12 - 24 hours or sooner. Requests for postage, notarisation or legalisation may take longer.

Do you certify translations for passport and visa applications?

Yes we do. The majority of certified translations we produce are for clients applying for a visa, naturalisation, passports or for academic reasons. Therefore we take extra precaution to make sure they will be accepted.

How will my certified translations be delivered?

The default delivery method is as a PDF file sent to you by email. This can be printed off and used in your application. You may also order the physical copy, which is printed and posted within 24 - 48 hours.

Where are your translators based?

We recruit and work with translators globally. For translations from English, we may work with translators based in those countries, or in others. All translators sign our NDA and agree to our terms to treat your information securely and fairly.

I have been asked to obtain a sworn translation

Sworn translations are required for official translations into French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech Republic and some other countries. For these languages, we only use authorised & sworn translators in those countries. Additional fees apply.

I have been asked to obtain a notarised translation ?

We can provide Notarised translations that meet the requirements of Foreign Embassies or Authorities. Our translations are notarised by a Notary Public, then posted to you. Notaries charge per document, so we will inform you of any additional fees if you upload more than one document.

I have been asked to obtain a Legalised translation

Legalised translations demonstrate to the Foreign Embassy or Authority that the translation has been certified by a Notary Public, who is in turn known to the UK Foreign Office. We can provide same day or standard legalisation services to accompany your translation request.